Adeyinka Shonaike

Adeyinka, who often goes by Yinka, is a Program Coordinator well versed in business and music.

Before having the title of Program Coordinator, Yinka held the title of Rosie’s House Alumna. Her time as a student led to her landing an internship at Rosie’s House, after graduating from Arizona School for the Arts. She went on to study business and music at Arizona State University, where she became the Vice President of The ASU Pitchforks, an all-female a cappella group. Being part of that organization inspired her to continue working with children in the non-profit sector. After graduation, she began working with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix and Greater Scottsdale as the Digital/Performing Arts Instructor.

Yinka has always involved herself in music. Knowing how performing impacted and enhanced her life, she can clearly see the importance of the arts and how Rosie’s House truly “creates positive change through music”. Because Rosie’s House helped shape who she is, today, she’s excited to be back at Rosie’s House and to be able to play a role in developing the youth of tomorrow.