Fiona Qi

Fiona Qi was born in Harbin, China and lived there until early 2013 when she moved to the United States to further her education. Fiona spent her first two years pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance at Bowling Green University; she transferred to Arizona during her second year and finished her undergraduate degree at Arizona State University. Fiona is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Piano Performance at Arizona State University under Professor Caio Pagano.

Fiona has extensive experience as a performer. Notable achievements include performing with the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra at age 16 and performing at multiple music festivals in the United States, Italy, and Germany. In 2011, Fiona won the 19th national piano competition in China, earning her an invitation to perform her winning pieces in Chicago and San Francisco. Fiona held multiple solo piano recitals and performed in various chamber music concerts during her undergraduate studies. Fiona currently volunteers her time performing at retirement centers pro bono.

Fiona’s love for playing the piano burgeoned into a passion for teaching piano. Fiona first began venturing into piano pedagogy during her undergraduate studies, where she co-hosted summer piano camps teaching young children while visiting her family in China each year. For the entirety of 2018 Fiona directed group piano lessons at Arizona State University as a teaching assistant. Currently, Fiona teaches group piano lessons at Rosie’s house.