Melissa Greene

Melissa is a multifaceted individual whose passion for music has driven her to excel in three distinct areas: public radio, education, and artistic individualism.

As a radio host, Melissa has established herself as a prominent voice in the world of music broadcasting and currently joins you in the valley every weekday morning on 89.5 Classical KBACH. With a keen ear for diverse musical genres and a charismatic on-air presence, she has captivated audiences on her radio shows for years. Her work for the station also includes a podcast and a children’s educational initiative called Classical Next.

In her role as a music educator, Melissa is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of musicians. She holds a deep belief in the transformative power of music education and has been instrumental in developing innovative curricula for students of all ages. Melissa’s teaching style is characterized by its enthusiasm, patience, and adaptability, ensuring that each student’s unique musical journey is supported and celebrated.

Beyond her work as a radio host and educator, Melissa also enjoys songwriting, writing her own music lessons and performing. She got her BA in Music Education while studying classical guitar in her hometown, Omaha Ne. Her style incorporates elements of numerous folk traditions and classical guitar techniques.