Isidora Jovanovic, D.M.A.

A native of Serbia, Isidora Jovanovic enjoys an active career as a pianist and a pedagogue.

After being awarded 2nd Prize at the 1997 International Piano Competition Nikolai Rubinstein, Paris, Isidora Jovanovic began her pianistic career. She has performed in a variety of international venues including the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art (SANU), Progress Gallery, Kolarac Hall, and in Switzerland’s La Haute École de Musique de Lausanne. In the United States, Ms. Jovanovic has performed in Chicago, Illinois, South Florida, and Austin, Texas. In Arizona, she has appeared as a soloist at Scottsdale Center for the Arts and Chandler Center for the Arts.

Ever looking for avenues by which to bring music to a larger audience, Isidora has participated in 352 Keys Piano concerts with the renowned pianist and current provost of James Madison University, Dr. Heather Coltman. Their collaboration extended to performance at the 2014 TEDx event in Boca Raton, Florida.

Prior to joining Rosie’s House faculty, Ms. Jovanovic held a Faculty Associate position at the Arizona State University School of Music, where she taught group and individual piano lessons. Her decade-long teaching also includes positions at the Vojislav Vuckovic School of Music, Belgrade, and the head piano position instructor for the Florida Atlantic University’s Teaching Outstanding Performers program. With the strong belief of unique musical potential of every student, Ms. Jovanovic looks to cultivate their love for music and adjusts to their learning styles to enable them to grow and share their talents with others.

Ms. Jovanovic’s piano mentors include, amongst others, Dr. Dorian Leljak, Dr. James Giles, Dr. Edward Turgeon, and Dr. Caio Pagano. She holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from the University of Novi Sad, Master of Music degree in Piano Performance from Northwestern University, a Master of Arts degree from Florida Atlantic University, and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Piano Performance from Arizona State University.