Larren Winn

Larren Winn is a full-time PhD student at Arizona State University, studying counseling psychology. As a part of her studies, she is an instructor for a career development course and a part-time intern at a suicide prevention center.

Larren graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Music Education in Music Therapy and subsequently worked at a non-profit providing low-cost music therapy services to individuals in need. Her passion at this time was to write and obtain grants for low-cost or free services for those with substance use disorders.

Currently, Larren dedicates her research and clinical work in counseling to advancing culturally-relevant therapeutic treatment for women of color with trauma. Despite not focusing on music itself in her work, Larren believes in using the mechanisms of music as a preventative tool for emotional trauma development. She teaches music lessons on the side and incorporates music in her clinical counseling work.