Marvin Scott

Marvin Scott is dedicated to providing children with high quality education and youth development opportunities that allow them to reach their full potential, achieve success, and become positive members of their community. He has had a broad range of experiences in his 20-year career as an educator. Marvin’s history with Rosie’s House dates back to 1999 when he was hired as the saxophone teacher in Rosie’s House third year of operation. Marvin taught saxophone at Rosie’s House from 1999-2011. During that time, he completed his bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and taught in the Phoenix Elementary School District and after in Alhambra School District, while still maintaining his faculty position with Rosie’s House. After that period, Marvin moved overseas for five years and was an English teacher in Istanbul, Turkey. Upon returning to Phoenix, he taught in Pendergast School District. Most recently he was a Program Manager for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix.  

 Marvin grew up in Phoenix and participated in a wide variety of activities in his youth such as sports, band, dance, and even television. His musical journey started in the fourth grade when he started playing saxophone in his school band. Performing in band throughout high school, Marvin loved playing his horn and decided to study music in college. He spent several years in saxophone and jazz studies before finding his calling as a teacher from his first teaching opportunity with Rosie’s House.  

 Marvin is passionate about programming unique opportunities for youth to afford them positive experiences in their development. As the Program & Community Engagement Director for Rosie’s House, Marvin is driven to help Rosie’s House grow in its capacity to serve more kids and families and provide opportunities for students to connect with the community of Phoenix.