Trevor Heffner

Beginning as a lifeguard on the California coast at 16 years old, Trevor has always had a passion for work that goes beyond a paycheck. After graduating from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in History, he quickly moved towards the nonprofit sector where he could continue his passion of purposeful work. Trevor has worked in animal welfare and social services with organizations such as Lost Our Home Pet Rescue and Sojourner Center. He has experience building relationships with donors and creating partnerships with local organizations to drive monetary and in-kind giving to lower the cost of program operations while increasing the number and quality of services provided.

Trevor’s experience with music throughout his early education helped build confidence and promote academic success and he believes that every child should have the same opportunity. Trevor is excited to be a part of the Rosie’s House team helping bring accessible music education to the families and children of the Phoenix Valley community.