Emilio Vargas

As a jazz and classically trained saxophonist, Mr. Vargas has made it his goal to always strive for excellence and integrity in whatever musical environment he finds himself in. His passion for music has led him to many unique and challenging environments including performances with blues recording artist Johnny Rawles, R&B recording artist Johnny Britt, New York jazz vocalist Cyrille Aimee, and playing alongside Ballet Arizona in his latin band MambAZ. On top of performing, Emilio believes in being a teaching artist who shares his knowledge off the bandstand. As a teaching artist, Mr. Vargas has helped run Jazz music workshops in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico, served as a staff member for marching bands throughout New Mexico, and taught electronic beat music at the Musical Instrument Museum.  Electronic music has grown more important for Mr. Vargas as the shift away from traditional music instruments moves more towards the digital realm. As music production becomes more widely accessible, Mr. Vargas has gained a strong understanding of music software programs such as Ableton Live, Logic X, Soundtrap, and Sibelius. Emilio now teaches saxophone lessons, ensemble classes, music production classes, and occasionally works as a producer on the side with local Arizona artists. He also remains an active performer playing sax and flute with bands and singer-songwriters throughout the Phoenix area.