Greta Castro Cruz

Native to Phoenix, AZ, Greta Castro Cruz is passionate about learning, making and teaching music. A self-taught flutist as well as a Rosie’s House guitar alumna, Greta began her musical studies while in elementary school and by her senior year of high school, she placed among the best in her region. Greta has played multiple instruments in her junior high and high schools’ band and jazz band and has participated in flute choir.

Greta joins Rosie’s House to live her passion and to empower the community and reshape lives for the better. She remains inspired by the mission of Rosie’s House and is excited to join a team committed to creating the best music program for families and to give back to the program that helped further her musical education.

Greta continues to practice, teach and learn new music. She carries the same passion for her instruments as she did on day one and seeks new ways to better her skills and achieve mastery. Greta is currently studying Psychology and Kinesiology at Phoenix College. Previously, she worked in administrative support at several small businesses. In her spare time, you will find Greta having fun at a tennis or badminton court.